Vic Mensa interview Orange Soda

Stars & Hype Forever: Vic Mensa

Stars & Hype Forever is your in-depth guide to what’s next in hip hop. Each week we profile an artist you need to know about, first up we have SaveMoney's Vic Mensa.

Vic Mensa interview for Mass Appeal's Stars & Hype Forever. Photo by Winston Blake.

On Kids These Days

As the talented MC in Kids These Days, it wasn’t until the group’s recent split that Mensa realized his own potential. “I think I spent a good deal of time in Kids These Days with the crutch of having other talented people to fall back on. Being together with a group of people that you feel are immensely talented, it’s a lot easier to take certain things for granted, you know. There’s the mentality of “We gotta make it.” I spent a lot of time in Kids These Days taking my own ideas for granted and pushing my own music to the back burner.”

With Mensa’s debut mixtape due to drop any day now, Mensa speaks confidently about his new endeavor saying, “It’s all on me now. I’m doing what I wanna do and I’m super f*cking excited cause I got a lot of music that I want the world to hear.”

Vic Mensa interview for Mass Appeal's Stars & Hype Forever. Photo by Winston Blake.

On Save Money

2013 has seen the rise of Chance The Rapper, and in the process he’s helped shine a light on Chicago’s blossoming artist community, in particular his group of musician, producer, rapper, and videographer friends known as SaveMoney. Mensa tells the story of how the crew’s name came about saying, “Sh*t, I think I started SaveMoney. I got SaveMoney tatted on my arm. It was one of those things that just came out my mouth, which is most of what my music is.”

The extremely close group of friends bonded over more than just their love of music, “I remember one day it was like ten of us, we were walking to the store, probably to go save money on hella shit. We used to steal everything. We were like, “Yo we’re ten deep right now just on an average day, we need a crew.” I was standing there with my homie Reese, I just looked at him, shook his hand grown man style and said, “SaveMoney my n*gga.”

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Vic Mensa interview Orange Soda

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