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Stars & Hype Forever: Vic Mensa

Stars & Hype Forever: Vic Mensa

Stars & Hype Forever is your in-depth guide to what’s next in hip hop. Each week we profile an artist you need to know about, and arm you with all the essential artillery to decide if they’re the real deal, or just hype. To help readers make sense of the spectrum, curators Andriana and Yo! Adrian weigh in on each week’s talent by assigning them a blanged out hypeability score at the very end.

Listening to the handful of singles Vic Mensa has dropped this year, you can’t help but get pulled into his colorful world of lyrics and beats; and yet it’s not nostalgia that you feel, (ok maybe a little), it’s a common ground. When’s the last time rap made you smile so indulgently? For the inaugural edition of Stars & Hype Forever, Mass Appeal takes a deep dive into one of hip hop’s brightest young stars in the making, Vic Mensa. We dig in with the rapper on the LimeWire generation, splitting with Kids These Days, his mischievous youth, and starting SaveMoney. Keep reading to find out if we thought Vic is just blowing smoke, or the real deal Holyfield. This is Stars & Hype Forever.

Vic Mensa interview for Mass Appeal's Stars & Hype Forever, illustration by Mike Lukowski.


AKA: Yung Netscape, INNANET, The Domain, Don Carlito
Reppin’: Chicago, Illinois
The Crew: SaveMoney
Beginnings: The gifted rapper, singer, and producer emerged in the music world at a young age as somewhat of a teen prodigy, releasing his first solo album, Straight Up, at age 16.
The Hype: The former Kids These Days rapper gained notoriety as the talented wordsmith of the group. More recently Mensa dropped dope lines on Chance The Rapper’s single “Cocoa Butter Kisses,” off his acclaimed mixtape, Acid Rap. As a solo artist he’s quickly garnered success as the soulful rapper with a playful side through the release of several singles off his forthcoming INNANETAPE.

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