Skateboarding Graffiti Sao Paulo Brazil

Vibe Shoes – CityZen

Watch Vibe Shoes riders excavate some of the most obscure, poetic, and gritty skate spots in São Paulo, Brazil.

There’s no doubting the fact that São Paulo, Brazil is one of the most chaotic, eclectic, and disparate cities in the world. That said, leave it to a pack of genuine skate archaeologists, like Vibe Shoes’ current team of riders, to excavate the diamonds in the city’s infinite rough. Watch as Léo Fernandes, Esteban Florio, Wagner Ramos, Murilo Romão, Rafael Gomes and friends really get down, and explore everything from central ledge spots, to more obscure nooks and crannies that only true 4-wheeled magicians can turn out. CityZen is a beautifully shot cinematic experience( Super 8 b-roll and all) that is as much about a tour of São Paulo as it is about the skateboarding.

CityZen is different than a traditional skate film. It escapes from the pattern of most skate movies which are focused mostly on tricks, has a story and the purpose of documenting social diversity, which composes this giant city named São Paulo. CityZen’s mainly goal is to reach street skateboarding in its pure essence.

Sao Paulo Brazil Skateboarding Trick Red Shirt Ledge CityZen

Sao Paulo Brazil Drill Break CityZen

Sao Paulo Brazil Skateboard CityZen

Skateboarding Graffiti Sao Paulo Brazil

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