VFR Show

VFRESH Gallery Show This Friday


Since the mid ‘80s,  the mysterious VF or VF er or Veefer or VFR or VFresh has left his mark on the Big Apple, first as a writer who frequented the City Hall layups to having a tag or throw up in pretty much every nook and cranny of the city. If your don’t know what a tag or a throw up is then you might be reading the wrong blog post. But there are a lot of folks who do, and so globally, VFresh is recognized as a man who is on the move with a can of Rusto in his hand. On Friday, April 5th, the (graffiti) writer in question is having an opening. Go support him and spend some money. The dude is like a Delta bluesman. He was out there putting it all on the line in an effort to express himself and keep the culture popping like Crisco oil in the projects.


MA: You’ve kept it real in the streets for a lot of years…

VFR: Yes, I was all city when I was 14years old.

MA: OK, well now you’re transitioning your legacy into the galleries.  What are your thoughts on that transition?

VFR: I have been in the galleries for a minute. But one way or another, I knew society would eventually latch on to the art. And that is the whole purpose of VFRESH Pieces of History from the Future.  A show like this was intended to bridge the gap for the hardcore fanatics who appreciate the real. I set aside some avant-garde pieces just for this purpose; this way the work finds its way,  right into the hands of true New Yorkers. A show like this will not be repeated. I guess you can think of it as a VFRESH IPO, Wall Street style.


MA: How does your approach to the “art world” differ from the world of street bombing?

VFR: It’s the same approach–win and then win again.

MA: How would you describe your gallery work?

VFR: I don’t describe my work. The artwork describes itself.


MA: Who are some of your artistic influences, both inside and outside of graf?

VFR: I answered that, in the very first published issue of Mass Appeal Vol. 1, issue #1.

MA: What do you think of the current state of street bombing in New York City?

VFR: It is as elegant as an elephant seal.

MA: OK…What’s next for VFR?

VFR: Well it’s a rap for the Veefer / VFR we all grew up with. _ Discontinued.  GAME OVER. Only (Imperial) VFRESH is current. Effective July 4, 2013   VFRESHXR15 / VFRXR15 will be the new flagship = premium  / upgrade.  THAT IS THE FUTURE….


Show info:

Friday, April 5th, 2013. All day show – reception from 6pm – 8:00pm.
103 Allen St
New York, NY 10002

VFR Show

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