Skateboarding Flip Trick

VERT Clothing Skates Shanghai for its Summer 2013 Collection

An amazing skate session through the Far East city of Shanghai, China.

Hong Kong-based VERT Clothing sticks to its grassroots guns for the promotion of its Summer 2013 collection. The environmentally-conscious line of vertically integrated cut and sew got hold of skaters Brian Dolle, Johnnie Tang, and Brad Sliger to cruise through the city of Shanghai while sporting the season’s new wear. The result is a real seamless  and cinematic collection of friends, one fine gal, some sweet tricks and environmental eye candy–truly summer vibes done right! If you didn’t know about VERT before (since 1996), you may want to pay some respect now.

Lady Couch Asian Sexy Chinese

Aerial Roof Street Skateboarding

Skateboarding Shanghai Street Ollie Pop Manhole Sewer

Skateboarding Alley Shanghai China

Chopsticks Shirt Noodles Food Eat

Pier Shanghai China Skateboarding

Skateboarding Shanghai Pier

Friends Pound Greeting  Brian Dolle, Johnnie Tang Brad Sliger

Grind Skateboarding Pier China Shanghai

Wide Shot Pier Crane Skateboarders China Shanghai

Shirt Ladder Rooftop Hat

Rooftop Girl Asian City Shanghai China

Shadow Silhouette Beer Smoke Cigarettes

Skateboarding Flip Trick

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