Venus X Gets Remixed with Islamic Imagery

One of Venus's biggest fans makes a homemade video using Middle Eastern imagery.

Many women revere DJ Venus X; could you blame them? Today, there aren’t many women who aren’t afraid to passionately be about the “Girl Power!” life. From her audacious posts on Twitter to her spinning live, the New York native is definitely taking a stand for the ladies. With that being said, over the weekend, video artist Dona Arbabzadeh released a video for Venus’ “Renegade Berberse” mix (almost a year after it’s been bubbling on Soundcloud).

Arbabzadeh is an avid supporter of Venus—on Twitter she mentioned Venus saying, “I know I’m too late on this but your “Renegade Berberse” mix made me cry and cream my pants at the same time.” Talk about leaving an impact! The video is congruous to the song, Middle Eastern tunes and Islamic prayers matched with vibrant clips of Middle Eastern news reports and its rich culture. Definitely worth watching full screen with the volume on full blast.

For more info on the self-proclaimed “video diva” check out her Twitter. To view more of her work, peep her blog.

Venus x Dona Arbabzadeh "Renegade Berberse" Video


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