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Joey Bada$$ “Waves” Video (dir. Va$htie)

Joey Bada$$ “Waves” Video (dir. Va$htie)


The new video from teenage prodigy Joey Bada$$ is surprising. Much of the shine that him and his Pro Era crew have been getting lately is for the anti-establishment mentality and raw energy that is present in their tracks. One would have thought that tone would spill over from “Survival Tactics” into “Waves.” More than anything, they compliment each other. The video for “Waves” presents us with a “cool guy” visual of a day in the life of Joey Bada$$ and his homies, that spans between waking up, going to school, hanging out in Brooklyn, performing at a show, and ending up at a house party. It is hard to imagine that the visuals for “Survival Tactics” would have looked anything like this.

Joey Bada$$ "Waves"

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