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Vampires F.E.A.S.T. with Jim Jones

Vampires F.E.A.S.T. with Jim Jones

The second installment in the Vampire Life saga has arrived from Harlem’s Capo Jim Jones. Vampire Life 2: The F.E.A.S.T. (The Last Supper) has features from Jim’s camp like Sen City, Trav, and a song with Future. Jim dropped the mixtape during the witching hour of Tuesday night for all his vampires to sink their teeth into. The artwork for the mixtape pictures a photo of an empty table at the last supper—pretty creepy and interesting at the same time. Look familiar? The trailer for VL2 is Capo’s mafia movie, raising hell up in Harlem. Check out Jim Jones’ mixtape here and track list and download link below.

Vampire Life 2: F.E.A.S.T. (The Last Supper)

1. F.E.A.S.T. (Prelude)
2. No Way (feat. Trav) (Prod. by JoKey Ent.)
3. Paper Chase (feat. Trav) (Prod. by DeVaughn)
4. Comin’ From (feat. T.W.O & Sen City) (Prod. by Jahlil Beats)
5. Imma Get Mine (feat. Sen City) (Prod. by NuVision Ent.)
6. True Religion (feat. Ryder & Hynief) (Prod. By Jahlil Beats)
7. 60 Rackz (feat. T.W.O) (Prod. by Triple A x Sanchez Tuitt)
8. Show Off (feat. Trav) (Prod. by Stylz of C T B)
9. Don Jaun (feat. Mel Matrix) (Prod. by AblazeDaArchitek)
10. Don’t Judge Me (feat. Future) (Prod. by Jahlil Beats)
11. Top Of The Year (feat. Sen City, Mel Matrix, T.W.O, Lady H, Trav, Shoota, Chris Luck & Pure) (Prod. by DJ Pain)
12. Suicide (feat. Ryder, T.W.O & Sen City) (Prod. by Triple A x Sanchez Tuitt)
13. Forgive (feat. T.W.O) (Prod. by Triple A x Sanchez Tuitt)
14. Youu (feat. Sen City) (Prod. by NuVision Ent.)
15. AirOnes (feat. Ryder) (Prod. by Rich Lou)
16. Sleep When You’re Dead (feat. Trav, Mel Matrix & Shoota) (Prod. by Doe Pesci)
17. Vamp Life (Prod. by Austin Millz)
18. Fly Boy (feat. Sen City & Kev Grant)


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