UXA’s “The Chase” Starring Eli Reed

Watch NYC skate OG Eli Reed dip from some trouble and rip the hell out of the streets for UXA's new promo.

What’s beef? Beef is when you accidentally bump into two overgrown New Yorkers and don’t say sorry, apparently. Ask professional skateboarder and Big Apple legend, Eli Reed, who’s new UXA ad, dubbed “The Chase,” features him outrunning two big dudes that really want to kick his ass! Drama aside, the video, shot and directed by Jason Jenkins and Peter Huynh, features some serious street skating from Reed and even some guest appearances from the likes of NYC OG’s like Danny Supa, Zered Bassett and visiting Converse pro, Kenny Anderson. The production is a promotional short for UXA’s “Skate-Man Eli Reed” signature guest board & tee. And it plays to the tunes of The Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” and Kanye West’s “Send It Up.”

Goes to show, regardless of the age, OG brands like UXA (more than 15 years deep), with their minds right and productions tight, can put on in rare form. Send it up!

Frown Eyes Gaze Watch Stare

Bucket Hat White Stare Collar Shirt

White Tees Big Guys Astor Place

Graffiti Barrier NYC Skateboarding

Skateboarding Trucks Wheels

Eli Reed Van Alley New York City Jump

Eli Reed Skateboard Red Green Guest Pro Deck

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