Kent Twitchell - Urban Legends, LA Mart Design Center

“Urban Legends” Is Colossal & You Can’t Afford To Miss It

Urban Legends,LA Mart Design Center

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about LA is that city’s love of scale, murals and street art.  These three elements came together nicely in “Urban Legends,”  a massive, month long art exhibition and auction celebrating public art from around the world at The L.A. Mart Design Center in Los Angeles, organized by the Estria Foundation.

Featuring some of the worlds most prolific and  recognized muralists, street, grafftiti and contemporary artists  from the US, Mexico, Europe and Africa, the show and auction includes ABCNT, Chor Boogie, Codak, Cryptik, Kofie, Mear One, Pablo Cristi, Shark Toof, TEWSR, Warren Heard, BAM, Brett Cook, Can Love, Cern, Ckaweeks, Doves, Erin Yoshi, Estria, Jher Judy Baca, Katch, Kent Twitchell (above), Level, Mare 139, Martha Cooper, Meres, Sand, Vogue, Vyal, Woier, Alexander DC Smith & Hans Haveron, Aly Kouroma, EKLA, Evan Mendleson, Freddy Sam, Graffiti of War Project, Herakut, FOODONE, John Park & Christina Angelina, KIDGHE, LIBRE, Max Neutra, SANER, Yusef Davis, Van Saro, Estevan Oriol, Eriberto Oriol, Chaz Bojorquez, RETNA and Andrew Hem, to list a few of the featured artists.

“Urban Legends is a historical, first-ever showing of legendary muralists, graffiti writers and street artists,” says Estria Foundation cofounder Estria Miyashiro, speaking to Co.Create a few weeks ago.  “The exhibition is bringing together seven mural organizations for the first time, presenting an overview of the larger ‘Art in Public’ movement that we hope continues to grow.”

The exhibitors hope to showcase the transitioning styles over 45 years and how it has affected and uplifted urban life.

The show is presented byThe Estria Foundation, L.A. Art Machine and The DoArT Foundation. The VIP live auction went down over the weekend but you can still get your tickets here:

1933 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90007

Now Running through May 26 2012

Chaz Bojoroquez

Chaz Bojoroquez - Urban Legends, LA Mart Design Center

Freddy Sam

Freddy Sam - Urban Legends, LA Mart Design Center


Herakut - Urban Legends, LA Mart Design Center

Estria Miyashiro

Estria Miyashiro - Urban Legends, LA Mart Design Center


Kofie - Urban Legends, LA Mart Design Center

Kent Twitchell - Urban Legends, LA Mart Design Center

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