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UR New York x MCHG Scavenger Hunt

UR New York curated a very special 5-borough scavenger hunt for one-of-a-kind art pieces that pay homage to Jay-Z and his new MCHG album.

The dynamic graffiti and graphic design duo known as UR New York (2ESAE and SKI) set out to F.U.T.W. this weekend. The inventive pair utilized their spray and stencil skills to mock up five one-of-a-kind track list books for Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail album, which was released to Samsung Galaxy smartphone users on July 4th. To coincide with the momentous album release and their ambitious project, 2ESAE and SKI decided to organize a five-borough scavenger hunt this weekend for five original pieces of MCHG-inspired artwork via their Twitter and Instagram accounts. The first fans that were able to take a photo of themselves in front of the designated (and wheatpasted) locations and hashtag #URMC snagged some artwork. Check out the video of the artwork up top and a visual rundown of the winners from all five boroughs down bottom.

Jay Z Lyrics Censored

Bronx New York City Scavenger Hunt


Queens New York City Scavenger Hunt


Manhattan New York City Scavenger Hunt Art


Staten Island Art Scavenger Hunt


Brooklyn New York City Marcy Houses

Binder Picture Artwork

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