Uprise “Downtown Wig Wam” Trailer

Uprise “Downtown Wig Wam” Trailer

Never mind what the media’s yelling. Chief Keef, Kanye West and teenage shootouts aren’t the only things popping off (literally or figuratively) in Chicago. Fortunately for The Windy City’s image, there’s a really ill skateboard scene and premiere shops like Uprise are doing their part to keep it fresh and relevant. The trailer for their upcoming film, Downtown Wig Wammaintains a gritty, jazzy and soulful street cred that’s only rivaled by New York.  Add that to the fact that the only “burner” that gets flashed throughout is an actual fire trail during a grind on a pool coping. This is tough as nails skateboarding with equally as provocative city scape imagery.

Chicago Skyline Train Subway Sears Tower Buildings Tracks
Homeless Cigarette Bag Gate Black
Bank Streets Chicago Skaters Skateboarding
Fire Spark Grind Skateboarding Bowl
Ollie Ramp Flip Skateboard Chicago Fish Eye Lens