Bondara SexFit

Upgrade Your Family Jewels With SexFit

The world's first penis pedometer.

Adult toy company Bondara has announced that it will be selling the world’s first sexual fitness tracking cockring. The tracker, called the SexFit, will be used to record movements just as a normal pedometer would, except with an added cockring bonus and crazy flashing lights for users to follow.

The product is currently being shown off as a prototype, but Bondara is planning on releasing it at the end of the year. The SexFit will track the user’s thrusts and display the data on a mobile app, which communicates with the cockring via bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The ring will include a ‘pacing mode’ that lights up to a pre-set rhythm for the user to hump to. The post-sex workout will be sent to the app where partners can view thrusts per minute, number of calories burned and, if they’re up for it, post stats on their social media accounts.

More details about the penis pedometer can be found below.



Bondara SexFit

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