Under the Influence Tour

“Under The Influence Tour Training Camp”

On that "Devil's Lettuce"

Dem Boyz” of the “Under The Influence Tour” have thrown together what looks to be a reality show. Documenting the exploits of Ty Dolla $ign, Rich Homie Quan, Sage The Gemini, Mack Wilds, IAMSU!, DJ Drama, and of course Wiz, the hilarious clip finds them in the mansion preparing for the tour.

With group activities like yoga, team breakfast, trampoline sessions, and the ubiquitous passing of the chalice, this one is a sure to be entertaining. The group’s guide is affectionately known as “Pops,” a stern man who doesn’t wear pants. This was noted by Wiz Khalifa, aka “The Scarecrow from the Wizard of OZees,” when he begrudgingly dismissed him by saying, “..down here dragging your nuts all on breakfast… fuck is wrongwitchu maaan.”

Nevertheless, “Pops” is well-intentioned and is just trying to prepare the crew, boost the crew’s stamina, and get them ready for the road. It looks like he was successful, except when it came to Rich Homie Quan, aka Young Mushmouth of  the Under the Influence Junkyard Gang.

Hit the video player up top to check out the “Real World”-esque clip from the “Under The Influence” tour crew.

Under the Influence Tour

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