Randy Scott Slavin releases a video of an aerial view of NYC

Unbelievable Drone Video of NYC Will Blow Your Mind

Attack of the Drones: NYC Edition

There are many great films that capture different sides of the spirit of New York City. Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, Larry Clark’s KIDS, and Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing to name a few. Up-and-coming director Randy Scott Slavin has his own way to capture NYC though, and unleashes his homage, via Vimeo, in a piece that easily competes with some of the best NYC footage we’ve ever seen.

This video contains some of the illest shots of NYC I have ever laid eyes on. The idea of the piece is to capture New York City from an unexpected elevation, which is dope, but then Slavin takes it up a notch and hits us with a continuous shot of Washington Square Park via his DJI Phantom drone, which steals the show.

There is nothing else left to say except fucking amazing. Check out the video above and peep the screenshots below.

Aerial NYC drone video
Aerial NYC Drone Compilation
Randy Scott Slavin releases a video of an aerial view of NYC

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