Dinosaurs TV show ABC Robert "Robbie" Mark Sinclair

Tyrannosaurus Rex Joseph Gold is Legal

Metta World Peace, is yesterday's news. A Nebraska native who used to go as Tyler Gold, thinks the name of an extinct creature is better.

Dinosaurs TV show ABC Robert "Robbie" Mark Sinclair

Formerly, Tyler Gold of York, Nebraska thought “Tyrannosaurus Rex Joseph Gold” had a better ring than his government name. The judge approved the change, accepting Gold’s reasoning which cites it simply as something cool. He’s not recently married, divorced, or trying to escape creditors—the standard criteria that would warrant the change. There probably aren’t enough boxes to fit that many characters on a US tax form, but he’s at least got a full year to figure it out. What’s he gonna do if he creates a Twitter account? Does it really matter? Name changes happen everyday, maybe not as often in Nebraska though. If you’re so inclined, here’s what it takes (Nebraska Law):

Full Service Price: $129

Information About Changing Your Name

1. The need for a legal name change may result from marriage, divorce, adoption or simply a desire to have another name.

2. Generally, (a) you cannot change your name for a fraudulent purpose, such as avoiding debts. (b) other people’s rights cannot be affected such as celebrities, (c) use of a curse word as a name would not be recommended; and, (d) when a minor is involved, the court looks to the best interest of the minor.

3. Means of changing your name generally include: (a) Usage – In some states using a name as your own has the affect of making it your legal name. (b) Court Order – A Court order is recommended to change your name and is required by most states. (c) A marriage certificate serves as proof of name change.

4. After you have changed your name you may need to change records including: (a) Social Security Card, (b) Drivers License, (c) Passport, (d) Post Office, (e) IRS, (f) Voter Registration, (g) Banks, (h) Credit Cards, (i) Doctors (j) Insurance Companies, (k) State Tax Authority, (l) Clubs, (m) Memberships, (n) Employer; and, (o) Retirement plans. You will also need to consider changing your (a) Will, (b) Health Care Proxy, (c) Living Will, (d) Trust, (e) Power of Attorney; and, (f) Contracts.

More details on this process on USLegalForms here.

Dinosaurs TV show ABC Robert "Robbie" Mark Sinclair

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