Two Turntables And A Sharpie

Two Turntables And A Sharpie

On the digital tip, there’s an art to manipulating images of your favorite rhyme slinger: making their on-screen stuntin’, stutter and loopty-loop is turntablism for the boob toob. If you’re not familiar, DJ Uncle Ralph McDaniels is one of the masters of the video mix. But we respect keeping it analog too. Turntables despite being a struggling medium, they are an integral tool of hip-hop production like aerosol cans to graf writers. A few months ago, designer Robert Howsare created the Drawing Apparatus, bridging the gap between the wheels of steel and visual art. He rigged the platters with a wooden arm, wielding a Sharpie. The result is a Scriptograph—a hypnotic geometric shape. These are fine lines at their best.