Trunk Boyz Skate Puerto Rico

Watch as the Trunk Boyz skate and rip through the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.

Chocolate and Girl Skateboard’s Trunk Boyz (Cory Kennedy, Elijah Berle, Sean Malto, Stevie Perez, Rick McCrank, Rick Howard and Raven Tershy) are known for skating everything, getting crammed in the back of vans and not complaining. Here’s what those rad lads were doing in The Caribbean–Puerto Rico to be exact! Check them out as they toured the island, hit the famous bowl by the shore in La Perla, ripped some colonial architecture, signed autographs, skated demos, enjoyed the weather and even dealt with the local police.

Van Life Skateboards Guys Dudes Shirtless Waiting Parking

Wall Painting Frame Skateboard Upside Down Handstand

Graffiti Coast Ride Skateboarding Dropping In

Air Skateboard Colors Jumping Pretty Sweet Deck

Kids Boys Audience Onlookers Watching Demo

Skate Shop Fans Signing Promotion

Air Skateboarding Concrete Palm Trees

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