Tribute Skateboards Shoot Guns and Skate in “Nothing Groundbreaking”

Portland Oregon skateboard company Tribute Skateboards lets off some tricks and gun rounds in their latest edit "Nothing Groundbreaking."

In what seems more like an NRA promo than a skateboard edit, Portland’s Tribute Skateboards lets off some tricks and rounds for Nothing Groundbreaking. The 3-minute cut features team riders Ryan Casado, Brent Atchley, Tristan Brillanceau-Lewis, Karl Hubble, Josh Hearst and Tucker Glasow getting their skate on in few concrete parks and popping off some shotguns, AK’s and revolvers in the backwoods.

Shotgun Reload Practice Firing Shooting

Skater Trick Black Skatepark

Red Shoot Shotgun Desert Backwood Firing Practice

Skateboarder Skateboarding Jump Ollie Sky Skatepark

Gun Shoot Backwoods Bandana Firing Practice

Skateboarding sitting Rolling Pole Sled

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