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The Tre Truck is Decked Out for Skateboaders

The Tre Truck is Decked Out for Skateboaders

Tre Truck Skate NYC

If you’ve been on your board in NYC lately, chances are you ran into an unfamiliar vehicle parked in place of where you would routinely spot a Mister Softee or Good Humor truck during a hot summer day. The Tre Truck has been making its rounds all over the city, targeting specific locations where skaters would be expected to flock to. From regular visits to the new LES park, Tribeca Skate Park, and even a stop at last night’s Already Famous Juicy J/Black Dave event; the Tre Truck is making itself known as “New York City’s first and only mobile skate shop.” With a staff composed of skaters, the truck carries over 30 brands of decks, trucks, wheels, grip tape and more. Being such an original idea, organically done by skaters for skaters, we felt that it was necessary to spread the word. If you see the truck and your in need some gear, be sure to go up to the window to cop whatever it is that your looking for. Also, check out their website and for more info check out the truck’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Tre Truck NYC Skate
Tre Truck NYC

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