Tray Pizzy “II Trill”

Bronx rapper Tray Pizzy keeps it broke and trippy in his latest visuals.

Bronx native Tray Pizzy releases a video for his latest single “II Trill.” Tray keeps it hood but trippy in the Jaison Blackrose-directed piece. The Boogie Down rapper mobs on a porch with his homies drinking forties, smashing TVs, and then proceeds to get whipped by a thick chick in the woods (couldn’t make that up if I wanted too). The video also references a scene from the 1994 hood classic Fresh. Not what you would usually expect from a Bronx artist, Tray Pizzy  stands alone in his own category. His laid back flow and “Hood-Hipster” look seeks to separate him from his peers.

Bronx rap has been bubbling more than its ever been (Black Dave, Jae Tips, B.I.C.) and as a Boogie Down native myself I’m glad to see that. Stream his mixtape Life II Trill below.

Tray Pizzy II Trill getting whopped

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