Fab Five Freddy Sure Shot

Tramp and Ish Toys Go Vintage for Kid Robot Event

A new toy collaboration pays homage to the silhouette of the hip-hop persona. Fab Five Freddy knows, so does ?uestlove.

Kid Robot Questlove Event

Sure Shot & The Untouchables, from Starlight Studios, are partnering up with the Kid Robot flagship store in SoHo to throw a release party for their first of two collectible action figures. The limited edition toys were created by Joseph “Tramp” Daly, graffiti artist and “Live From the Underground” author (The Source), together with Starlight Studios co-owner Ishmael “Ish” Ford-Bey. The first figure, Prince Barry D, represents Sure Shot and the old school, sporting a vintage sheepskin coat, dope kicks with fat laces, and other novelty gear. The second figure in the initial drop is Gc Boss Ish, who represents the Untouchables. He’s a new school figure that is the leader in the Untouchable comics, done by Starlight, and will be laced head to toe in Louie V. The release party featuring ?uestlove on the 1s and 2s will run from 5PM until 9 this Thursday the 14th, and will entail giveaways and refreshments. You can check out the actual Untouchable cartoon at untouchablescartoon.com.

Creating characters that embody the persona of hip-hop culture, and music was a major highlight of Starlight Studios on Station Zero. The show’s cult following was responsible for being the only true hip-hop reaction to MTV’s Beavis and Butthead. Their show was a little different, with the animated hosts conducting interviews with whomever was the flavor of the moment, like a young Funkmaster Flex, who they chopped it up with when he was still earning his sea legs on New York’s Hot 97. Watch the clip from that episode below.

Fab Five Freddy Sure Shot

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