New Film Shows the Seedy Side of a Deaf Panhandler’s World

Watch the trailer above and you’ll think twice about turning up your nose at a beggar the next time you encounter one on the New York City subway.

Written and directed By Maximón Monihan, La Voz De Los Silenciados (Voice Of The Voiceless) tells the story of Olga, a hearing-impaired teenager from Central America thinks she’s coming to New York City to attend a sign language school but instead winds up working as a modern day slave, panhandling and selling trinkets for an international crime ring. Whats even more shocking is that the fictional film is based on a true story.

The film stars Janeva Adena Calderón Zent in the lead role and features an appearance by the ubiquitous Rick Powell too.

“La Voz De Los Silenciados (Voice Of The Voiceless”) is scheduled to start making the rounds at film festivals in 2013.




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