Leo Heinhert vintage vhs cassette tape lady surprised

Skate Video of the Week: Torro! Skateboards Introduces Leo Heinert

Queens gets "Nasty."

On the Lord’s day, #OnTheGrind calls out a new skate edit that slapped us out of our boredom during the work week and reminded us why we were born to roll, and we share it with you.

Reggae artist Dillinger might spell New York “A knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork,” but it looks like Big Apple’s Torro! Skateboards etches it with an “L,” an “E,” an “O” and Nas’ “Nasty” tune.

What exactly am I talking about? Oh, just Queens native Leo Heinert’s introductory video part that pretty much rips NYC and your eye sockets a new hole (second or third depending on the preference of your kinks). The kid absolutely destroys all kinds of terrain – rails, pools, gaps, drops – in a montage that tours the five boroughs, takes no prisoners, and amazes the shit out of even bystanding white women.

Holy shit Leo, you’ve made every Big Apple skater simultaneously tuck their tails in and truly reconsider their “careers.” I hope you’re happy man. We love it!

#OnTheGrind had the privilege of watching Heinert rip KCDC’s ramp in person during our second Winter Blues episode. Watch it here for further proof.

Black and white New York City Leo Heinert image

Torro Skateboards New York City globe animation

Leo Heinhert vintage vhs cassette tape lady surprised

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