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Mass Appeal’s “Top Ten Tweets” of the Week

Mass Appeal’s “Top Ten Tweets” of the Week


What’s good world? It’s Sunday, and that means it’s time for another edition of Mass Appeal’s “Top Ten Tweets” of the week. We’re not really sure what happened on Twitter this week, or in the news in general. It seemed like there was so much random shit going that people just started wildin’ out, especially Havoc of Mobb Deep (don’t worry you’ll find out later). Check out the tweets that follow as the people of Twitter discuss the NBA draft, the Illuminati, and strip club ATMs. Enjoy!

The draft was kinda whack though. Who else could be behind it?

Lol. But why?

This is why.

We’ve got to do better.

Word. We’ve all felt like this.

This is what Drake taught me, “Versace, Versace, Versace…”

Is it really that good?

Extortion at its finest.

Lubricating is one of the most awkward words in the dictionary.

Too soon.

That’s it for this week! Do you have a tweet that belongs in next week’s Top 10? Send us your submissions using the hashtag #maTop10Tweet and check back next week to see if it’s been chosen.

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    Frankie Boyle ‏@frankieboyle29 Jun
    I’ve switched to BBC4. Chuck D starting a beef with the Tupac hologram!