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Mass Appeal’s “Top Ten Tweets” of the Week

Mass Appeal’s “Top Ten Tweets” of the Week


We’re back with another edition of our “Top Ten Tweets” of the week. Twitter was in a frenzy this past Friday when a leak of Kanye West’s highly anticipated album, Yeezus, surfaced on the internet. Shit got even crazier when Kim Kardashian delivered her and Ye’s baby girl. The people of Twitter started cracking as many “album/baby leak” jokes as they could possibly think of, some even crediting Kanye with planning the whole event. We’re not going to speculate whether it was contrived or coincidence, that’s for you to decide. Also up for discussion this week was Tim Duncan, light-skinned women, and of course Father’s Day.  So,  without further ado, here are our “Top Ten Tweets” of the week. Enjoy!

Ahh, I see what you did there.

Me too.

Valid question.

Struggle life.

Clowning at it’s finest.

Tim Duncan is the most boring man in the world.


Professional conspiracy theories.

Damn, this reminds me of every episode of Dragon Ball Z ever.


*Real tears*

That’s it for this week! Do you have a tweet that belongs in next week’s Top 10? Send us your submissions using the hashtag #maTop10Tweet and check back next week to see if it’s been chosen.