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Lollapalooza 2014’s Top Stories

Lollapalooza 2014’s Top Stories

Dev Hynes Attacked by Mystery Security

Dev Hynes attacked by security

Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange, was reportedly attacked by security during the festival on Friday. Hynes tweeted about the incident, saying that three security guards attacked both him and his girlfriend repeatedly as witnesses watched. What’s even more odd about the situation is that according to both Hynes and fans present during the altercation, Lollapalooza has been deleting comments about the altercation.

More interesting news has surfaced since the story first broke, showing that the security guards that attacked Hynes were privately hired.

The Lollapalooza staff issued this statement about the assault:

Lollapalooza has released the following statement regarding Friday night’s incident: “Late Friday night, we learned of an incident involving an artist and a security guard on site. Since then, we have been in contact with those involved and the authorities, as we work together to resolve the situation. As always, our top priority is to ensure the safety of everyone at the festival.”


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