Top 10 Rap Songs About Mothers

Egotrip presents an ill little list of rap songs featuring nothing but motherly references for this Mother's Day.


Here’s a special one for all the Hip-Hop queens out there. An ill little list presented by Egotrip’s J-Zone featuring nothing but motherly references for this Mother’s Day. According to him rappers may have all the bravado in the world, but mention someone’s momma and it’s a fight or straight sap city ya’ll. Here are Egotrip’s “Top 10 Rap Songs About Mothers” numbers 10 through 5:

10. Willie D – “Play Witcha Mama” (Wrap,1994)
9. Disco Rick – “(Your Mama’s On) Crack Rock” (JR, 1991)
8. Eazy-E – “My Baby’s Mama” (Ruthless, 1995)
7. The Pharcyde – “Ya Mama” (Delicious Vinyl, 1992)
6. K-Solo – “Your Mom’s In My Business” (Atlantic, 1989)
5. Willie D – “I Wanna Fuck Ya Mama” (Wrap, 1994)

Click on over to Egotripland for the rest of the list right here.


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