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Top 10 “Models in Music Videos” Moments

Top 10 “Models in Music Videos” Moments

Models have it tough. Traveling the world to shoot in exotic locations, designer freebies on dial, oh, and being paid to be beautiful. Yep, it’s a hard knock life for the genetically blessed . . . Another demanding task on the ceaseless list of model duties is to prance around in music videos. But oh my, do they do a damn good job at it. From Emily to Naomi, we bring you Mass Appeal’s top 10 models in music video moments.

No 1. Emily Ratajkowski in “Blurred Lines,” by Robin Thicke Ft. Pharrell and T.I. – 2013

To kick it all off, we have the inspiration behind our list Emily Ratajkowski, who became an overnight Internet sensation after the NSFW version of “Blurred Lines,” which dropped back in March. This wasn’t Ratajkowski’s first or most recent foray into music videos, having played a Fast and Furious vixen in Taio Cruz’s “Fast Car,” back in 2012 and since starring as a paint dipped vision in Maroon 5’s “Love Somebody.” She is joined by two other two scantily clad ladies in the Robin Thicke video and while you wouldn’t exactly be kicking either of them out of bed, they are somewhat overshaded by Emily’s ample… presence.

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