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Has Anyone Ever Told You, That You Look Like Too Short?

Has Anyone Ever Told You, That You Look Like Too Short?

Too Short by Jason Goldwatch

I linked up with Too $hort and we cruised around Oakland for a day, while I rolled camera. I remember thinking he was the mayor. We stopped for gas and and before he stepped out of the car a young man walked up to the window and asked him “has anyone ever told you, that you look like Too $hort?” He looked over and smiled stating “all the time, man.” I wanted to create something that really felt like the Bay, and not in the stereotypical pimp shit kinda way.

Before my visit, I had heard that $hort voluntered at a youth center in East Oakland called Youth Uprising. That’s what I wanted to capture. I headed over to Short Dog’s crib around noon and we went and bought a boom box, and did it for the kids at Youth Uprising, playing tracks off an iPod mini. He’s a true OG and a sentient being of wonderful pimp light. Did you know “Blow the whistle” is about blow jobs? Totally.

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Oakland by Goldwatch
Too $hort Bay Area