VIDEO: Too Short Talks Dirty Raps and The Hip Hop Dance Experience

If you’ve been a fan of Too Short since your grade school days you probably remember hiding his albums from your parents, lest you become the recipient of a butt-whooping when they discovered his R and X-rated classics like Cocktails or Life Is . . . Too Short in your possession.

In this Jason Goldwatch-directed promotional video for Ubisoft’s new game, “The Hip Hop Dance Experience,” Short reveals that his explicit rhymes even got him in trouble with his mom back when he was a kid and “The Freak” was his favorite dance move:

“My mother found one of my explicit rap books when I was in high school,” he said. “. . .  she slipped a really long note into my rap book . . . She was just pissed. She said, ‘If you keep writing this stuff or if you keep believing whatever those words were, you’re never going to have like a wife.’ She like put the curse on me.”

A player for life but not necessarily a gamer or a dancer, Too Short has given “The Hip Hop Dance Experience” his stamp of approval. Hip Hop Dance Experience is fun for everyone from expert dancers to wallflowers and in the clip above Too Short even busts a move to his hit “Blow The Whistle” which is featured in the video game. The dance game features also club bangers from artists like Busta Rhymes,  Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Drake  and hits stores on Nov. 13.

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