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“Off Tha’ Wall” – Too $hort

“Off Tha’ Wall” – Too $hort


We connected with Too $hort for the newest episode of Off Tha’ Wall. A living legend, Too $hort has been holding it down in hip hop for over 30 years. Hailing from the Bay Area, he’s got an insane catalog of music, trumping most hardworking artists across any genre. Serving as inspiration for a lot of today’s popular artists and songs, Short Dog is still killing it, rapping in the pocket and releasing hits.

In our interview with Too $hort he spoke about some of his early music memories, sighting artists like Melle Mel and Spoonie Gee. Too $hort tells us his dreams of playing in a marching band at a black college before rap came into the picture. Continuing his trip down memory lane, he tells us about the time his mom found his rhyme book and she decided to pen her own message. Peep the interview above and pay homage to a rap pioneer.

Too $hort

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