Tony Hawk speaking to Larry King

Tony Hawk “Knows” Skateboarding Will Debut at the 2020 Olympics

Frontside 5050s at Tokyo 2020?

A lot’s been said about the validity of skateboard culture. Especially now that it’s trekked beyond the empty pools, backyard ramps and streets and into our television sets. Thanks to pioneering avenues like ESPN’s X-Games, Mountain Dew’s Dew Tour, and more recently, Fox’s Street League — more and more of a “mainstream” audience is exposed to it. Some purists hate it. Others argue that it’s a legit way for the culture to feed and finance itself, regardless of what “sell-out” rhetoric anyone wants to preach.

Whatever you’re perspective, the zeitgeist of modern skateboarding’s unique 40+ year history is about to hit critical mass come Summer 2020, the date when legend Tony Hawk pretty much guarantees its acceptance into the Summer Olympic Games.

While a recent sit-down with Larry King might’ve just piqued other people’s speculation, we know that it put the Birdman on the spot. And truth be told, he revealed what he knows. Apparently he’s “heard” (wink, wink) that it’s “very likely” (extra wink) skateboarding will be incorporated into the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games.

Hmmm, I’m no psychologist here, but brother Hawk’s quick shifty eyes at 1:03 pretty much note that he knows more than he’s revealing. Trust Rat Lord on this.

Doesn’t surprise me, however. Skateboarding’s no fucking secret. Outsiders either insult or marvel at it, and long gone are the days when people didn’t know what you were up to when you rode by on a deck with four wheels, unfortunately.

The jig is up, kids. People have caught on. Now skateboarding is coming for those gold medals whether you like it or not! And the man that tried to bring you hoverboards is definitely skateboard illuminati. The Birdman knows:

“They don’t have anything that’s drawing in a younger viewership.”

“To be honest, I think they need skateboarding more than we need them because skateboarding’s popularity, for the most part, is pretty much solidified in a lot of countries.”

Word to Larry King.

Larry King and Tony Hawk Posing for a photo
Tony Hawk speaking to Larry King

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