Tony Hawk Mini Cooper

A Brief History of Athletes Jumping Over Vehicles

Better Not Swerve.

America loves sports. America loves cars. For some reason, whenever an athlete decides they want mouths to drop in awe, it always involves a stunt with a car or motorcycle… and it tends to work perfectly.

Today, footage of Tony Hawk launching off a ramp over a Mini Cooper (at a ripe 46 years of age) surfaced, and we at Mass Appeal would like to revisit other notable exploits involving athletes and motor vehicles.

Mark Gonzales iconically ollied over Max Shaff and his motorcycle in his 2001 section from Real To Reel. In 2013, current Real riders Ishod Wair and Jake Donnelly recreated it at the same spot and one upped it by kick-flipping over the motorcycle for a Thrasher feature hilariously titled A Dozen Years Dumber.

Kobe Bryant garnered a significant amount of attention for allegedly flat foot jumping over an Aston Martin speeding towards him back in 2009 for a Nike ad, but it turned out to be a cleverly edited hoax. Blake Griffin really did jump and dunk over a stationary Kia to win the NBA 2011 All-Star Weekend dunk contest, prompting contestants in the coming years to attempt corny dunks involving all the props one could possibly think of. Does anyone else miss a simple vicious dunk executed with style and panache?

As the word’s attention span gets shorter, and it takes more and more extreme measures to impress anyone, Yemeni locals have taken it to the next level and are now hopping over dangerous man-eating reptiles. Fuck your car.

Tony Hawk Mini Cooper

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