Tip Your Hat to the Beastie Boys’ Style

Our thoughts on the Beastie Boys are filled to the brim, with a special look at the hats they wore. This week, Tracy our fashion guru has the new style, but with an old twist.

You could walk into pretty much any store that sells clothing and buy the Beastie Boys starter kit. Not with that intention of course. Leather jacket, a pair of adidas Skytops, and mesh snapback cap (trucker hat) is an honorable way to channel their punk rock meets hip-hop look. Their choice of hats was a staple to their outfits that made a statement that could give two shits about being fashion forward; subliminally, it was speaking volumes. Four types of hats come to mind, that stood out like a mustache in the “Sabotage” video. Check ’em out below.

Vintage Budweiser Trucker

Tracy’s Take: As an individual MCA’s style always made a lasting impression. After referencing several photo ops, there it was: his affinity for corporate branded trucker caps. Many of them were red with logos derived from beer and gas conglomerates.

Buy: Vintage Budweiser Cap – $39.00 – Buy It Now

Only New York hat

Tracy’s Take: As you should know by now, if I have the opportunity to shout out a homegrown company, consider it done. Only NY Inc., with strong local roots for the past decade has repped New York’s underbelly of skateboarders and graf writers. Every season they put the city on their back or front.

Buy: Only NY Starter® Snapback – $38.00

Hall of Hame Summer 2012 caps

Tracy’s Take: Rap and sports have always drawn comparisons to each other for the high level of athleticism required by true players. When rappers and athletes aren’t being compared for their athleticism, they’re borrowing from each other’s wardrobe. LA-based brand, HALL OF FAME, isn’t sampling jersies though, nor are they “inspired” by it with the fitted caps from this summer’s collection (photo via Highsnobiety). In the past they’ve literally flipped NBA and MLB sports logos on hats, and even remixed the NY Giants typeface to read “FAME.” That ultimate level of notoriety directly speaks to Beasties, who were recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Buy: HALL OF FAME (coming soon to their Los Angeles flagship.)

X Large dead stock trucker hat

Tracy’s Take: The relationship between MCA and the X-Large family is one of love and inspiration. As an homage to his unofficial endorsement of the brand, this throwback treasure from the ’90s has always been a collector’s item. Right now, mint-condition X-Large caps are being auctioned off on E-Bay. This means you should be opening up another web browser NOW to make your purchase.


Beastie Boys


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