Tinashe on stage at Rough Trade

Tinashe Talks Drake, California, and Her Debut Album “Aquarius”

If Tinashe isn't the future of R&B music, it has no future.

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If Tinashe isn’t the future of R&B music, it has no future.

The “2 On” singer has popped up everywhere in the last few months, from Teen Vogue to 106 and Park to Billboard, showing no signs of slowing down. With an electric personality and impeccable stage presence, this young songstress is destined to rise through the ranks with ease and already has her Grammy speech down pat. Aside from opening for ScHoolboy Q this June at Summer Stage, the LA-based singer is making her way through the states with a list of top notch shows. We caught up with the budding star before her sold out performance at Brooklyn’s Rough Trade NYC to talk about her debut album Aquarius, possibly working with Drake, and girl power.

Mass Appeal: Tell me a little bit about what’s been going on today. How’s it been? Are you excited for the show ?

Tinashe: It’s been awesome. I mean, I had some stuff in the morning. Interviews, meetings and such, and this afternoon I just got my makeup done for two hours, which was awesome cuz’ I just stood there [Laughs]. Yeah, I’m excited cuz’ it’s sold out! I already have some fans out there. One of them literally started crying when I met them. That’s an awesome feeling. She said that my music helped her get through… like her cousin got murdered, so she said my music helped her get through that and she just started crying. It’s amazing.

That’s all that I really, at the end of the day, do music for. It’s supposed to mean something to someone so when somebody can listen to my music and it helps them get through something, whatever they’re going through, good or bad, that’s the most important thing for me.

Tinashe Backstage at Brooklyn show

MA: Let’s talk about your recent Drake cover “Days in the West.” It’s amazing. You talk about a lot of different topics on that track. From negative comments, double standards, your family, Internet bullying. Tell me a little about that track.

T: I think that’s something that people definitely take advantage of. On the Internet you don’t have to necessarily own up to the things that you say. I think more people should be aware of the fact that their comments actually are a lot more powerful than they realize. Or maybe they want that. I don’t know. I just find it very interesting that people have this false sense of confidence on the Internet that they would never, EH-VER say it to your face. So I don’t know, it’s just something I find interesting. That’s why you can never take anything anyone says of the Internet seriously cuz’ it’s probably a 13-year old kid in their basement.

MA: Going on to Drake…

T: Drizzy!

MA: You’re talking about working with him right?

T: Yeah. There’s nothing like super super set in stone, but I definitely got the ball rolling with him remixing my song which I thought was awesome. It meant a lot to me that he just wanted to without me asking. I feel like he would be an awesome person to collaborate with cuz’ his writing comes from such a real genuine place and he always writes from a very specific perspective and I definitely have perspective, so to be able to work with him would be awesome.

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Tinashe on stage at Rough Trade

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