Timeless Truth “What a Life”

Younger brother Joel Rodriguez aka MC Solace of the brotherly duo Timeless Truth goes in on the solo tip on their latest single, "What a Life."

Queens’s natives Timeless Truth drop a new video for their latest single “What A Life.” MC Solace goes in on the solo tip as he breaks down life, loyalty, and survival, taking viewers from the streets of Queens to an office in Manhattan. Solace balances the track with both swag and thought provoking lyrics with lines like, “Leather accents is on the trim with suede up on the elbows, coming from Queens like the trio with the shell toes” and  “I did the math, and now a days I just laugh, thinking back how we had to slice a slice in half.” Watch the video for “What A Life” above, and check out Timeless Truth’s debut album Rock-It Science on iTunes.

MC Solace from Timeless Truth

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