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Tim Howard Drug Tested After Iconic World Cup Performance

Tim Howard Drug Tested After Iconic World Cup Performance

Though the USA lost 2-1 to Belgium, eliminating them from the 2014 World Cup, Tim Howard’s massive performance was one of the few bright spots from the match. Howard finished with 16 saves, which is the most saves recorded by a goalie in 50 years. It can be argued that it was Howard’s performance that kept the USA in the match,

Two players from each team are “randomly” drug tested after each match, and it just so happens that Howard was once again one of the players selected.

Here’s the exchange Howard had with Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio, courtesy of The Big Lead.

Golic: Take us inside the (I’m sure) pretty somber locker room after the game, and tell us about some of the conversations that were going on.

Howard: I got dragged into drug-testing – again — randomly, so I didn’t hear all of them. I think once I got back into the room it was quiet. Like you said, it was somber. No words can make you feel better. Some guys had tears. Some guys kept sitting quietly. It’s tough. Losing in sports, no matter what sport it is, feels exactly the same. It’s gut-wrenching. We just tried to shower and get out of there as quickly as we could, and get back to our families.

Golic: Do you think after the 10th or 11th save the randomness went out of the drug test? (Laughs.)

Howard: Someone else said that as well. Maybe.

Random? Sure, if you say so FIFA.

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