illustration of tim and eric faces and maze

Weird Wednesdays: Tim and Eric

The most creative skaters in the galaxy.

Every Wednesday, #OnTheGrind brings you something wild, weird, and wonderful to get you over hump day. 

Meet Tim and Eric (Tim Olson and Eric Risser), hands down the most perplexingly creative skateboarders this side of the galaxy. Their mission? To have fun and plan none of their skate tricks ahead of time. Because, according to Eric, planning too far ahead makes him way too nervous to film. This being understood, experiencing the interstellar magic that is their skate videos can best be described as watching The Super Mario Bros. skate on acid to excessively popular ’80s music. It’s the kind of stuff that’ll either make you freak out and run in horror because you don’t understand it, or sit for hours in a stoner’s daze as your eyeballs glaze over and turn into crystalized euphoria. Now that just sounds like a drug. But I kid you not, watching Tim and Eric is very much like taking drugs. You’ll be stuck, sucked, and forced into submission and/or wild states of mental psychosis. It’s wild. It’s wacky. It’s weird.

Enjoy their fantastic “Tim & Eric’s Cool Secrets” video up top and check out more of their crazy shenanigans by getting stoned and simply Googling the phrase Tim and Eric skate videos. Thank us later!

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illustration of tim and eric faces and maze

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