Thomas Campbell’s “Cuatro Suenos Pequenos” Trailer

Thomas Campbell’s “Cuatro Suenos Pequenos” Trailer

Artist and master of avante surf and skateboard film direction Thomas Campbell is expected to release his latest project, Cuatro Suenos Pequenos (Four Small Dreams) in late July. The film is a lucid 21-minute audio visual experience that captures riders Javier Mendizabal, Madars Apse and French Fred as they skateboard through the unique and wild terrain of Spain, The Canary Islands, Mallorca, The Basque Country and parts of California. Its soundtrack is scored by the critically acclaimed Basque Country supergroup Chiwoks and the two-minute trailer for the film features a dream sequence intercut with clips of Javier and Madar skateboarding through roads, back country and architecture–truly a pleasure to watch and listen to already!

Face Blue Eyes Closed Sleep
Rail Sky Distance
Skateboarding Powerslide Riding
Monument Skateboarding Skate Ride
Skateboarder Riding Arms Bent Knees
Doorway Skateboarding Ollie Trick
Bump Fall Skateboard Spill