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Thizz Entertainment Is In A Gang Of Trouble

Thizz Entertainment Is In A Gang Of Trouble


Thizz Entertainment Is In A Gang Of Trouble.

Twenty-five individuals, many of them emcees connected to late great Bay Area spitter Mac Dre, have been charged with operating a nationwide drug trafficking coup that focused on getting’ money by way of Ecstasy, according to the FEDS, lil homie.

Not to snitch or anything, but if you didn’t know, the term Thizz essentially means blankin’ out on E. Ecstasy the drug has typically been a white thing, and lord knows the slain rapper—who was murdered on November 1, 2004, the victim of a drive-by shooting in Kansas City–had oodles and oodles of Caucasian fans. But I digress. There was a time when MDMA (AKA Ecstasy) was legal, and many shrinks used it as a tool to get troubled individuals open. Hip-hop often gets troubled people open, too, so the alleged Thrizz one-two combination of E and hip hop must have been really intense for some suburban white kids and cats from the ‘hood alike.

While the relationship between many of these individuals and Thizz Entertainment is loosely defined, it sounds like Thizz entertainment might be running on E—as in empty.

Mac Dre was an official Yay Area rap legend. RIP. He once served jail time because he was suspected of committing numerous bank robberies. Peep his jailhouse interview below.

And his label/movement had its own dance…peep.