This Thread of People Explaining Why They Voted For Trump Is the Scariest Thing On the Internet

Citizens explain why they voted for the self-proclaimed p*ssy-grabber

January 9 will mark exactly two months since Donald Trump accepted his new title as President-elect, and large portions of the country are still spinning like chickens without heads, wondering aloud how the hell we ended up here. The media personalities that haven’t been relegated to normalizing Trump’s presidency to ensure their job security are flailing, trying desperately to remind the general public of the outrageousness of the incoming administration’s approach and agenda. The overwhelming theme, for the last two months, has been, “why?” Why is someone with little to no respect for women, minorities or the very country he’ll soon be tasked with leading, about to become our Commander-in-Chief?

The Concourse, a wonderfully disruptive subsidiary of Deadspin, did some fascinating recent legwork, and asked readers that were Trump supporters to explain via e-mail why they voted for Trump. The result is a terrifying thread of explanations from people who voted for Trump for a myriad of reasons, each one seemingly more ludicrous than the next. There are Clinton truthists who believe she effectively covered up the alleged Podesta sex ring, and Bill-haters who somehow correlate his affinity for intern blowjobs with Hillary’s ability to understand national security briefings or begin the economy’s healing process. There are some people who don’t juxtapose Trump against Clinton at all, and instead highlight the many different ways they believe Trump indicates that he has their best interests at heart.

It’s all baffling, and quite frankly, you won’t come across something this scary on the internet for a while. Or at least, we hope you don’t. You can read some excerpts from the thread below, or scroll through the submissions in their horrific totality here.

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