Desert Sky Car Girl

TheHomey B D P “Katie”

Watch out for nude models and desert-induced trips in TheHomey B D P's visuals for his latest single.

Usually the phrase “only 19” is a term that men have to watch out for. But not when you’re rolling with Brandon Drew Jordan Pierce, aka TheHomey B D P, and he’s filming a peyote-trip-induced video about troublesome firecrackers nicknamed “Katie.” This is desert, sex, and mysticism rolled into a fiery burrito of blaring distorted accordions and bass. Not sure if we’ve ever had a burrito of this flavor, but we’ll tell you what, it ain’t bad. Shot well. Sounds swell. Only trouble is, as TheHomey B D P continuously mentions in the chorus, “you’re too young girl.”

Lights lady car pose

Lady Split Car Desert

Indian Arrow GIrl Naked Nude

Portrait Pose Naked Girls Screen Background

Desert Sky Car Girl

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