The Yok and Sheryo “Pipe Dreams” Recap

The opening night of The Yok and Sheryo's "Pipe Dreams" exhibition at the Krause Gallery in New York City.

Gallery Opening

Brooklyn’s The Yok and Sheryo made their way to the Lower East Side Thursday night for the opening of Pipe Dreams, their exhibition at Krause Gallery. The show was jam-packed with fans and walk-ins that kept the temperature inside of the small space on the relatively muggy side. Your best bet was checking out the upstairs, stepping out for a breath of air, then heading down to peep the wall work and paper pieces located in the gallery’s downstairs. Some of the Mass Appeal favorites included the ceramic plates painted in then imported from Vietnam and the stoner/skater dragon centerpiece that greeted visitors on the way in.

Ceramic Dragon With Hat

Gallery People Gathering Opening


Gallery Wall Frames Man

Gallery Opening Guests

Wall Canvas Paintings

Canvas Wall Paintings

Hand-painted ceramic plates hung on the wall

Hand painted puff pizza image on a ceramic plate

Hand painted ceramic plate of spraycan with mustache

Hand painted ceramic vases imported from Vietnam

Flash art framed and hung on the wall

Gallery guests gather in the basement for pictures and drawings

Graffiti face in gallery basement with pictures and drawings


Graffiti hand on wall with pictures and drawings

Picture of sepia pornography

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