The Worst MLK Day Weekend Party Flyers


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a time to honor the achievements of one of American’s most important figures. However, it’s also a weekend of unadulterated ratchet-ness… Or so it would seem from the host of the party flyers circulating the web. Upon viewing these “masterpieces”, it made this scribe wonder…who the hell comes up with this garbage? Martin Luther King, Jr. rocking a leather jacket, next to assorted flavors of Ciroc? Even Sean “Diddy wanna get paid in yo city” Combs wouldn’t go out like that.  Words can only say so much. In the meantime, peep the best of the worst MLK Day Weekend party flyers we’ve dusted off. And think about what a fearless, powerful man MLK was. A plethora of bad visual jokes can never soil a legacy as powerful as his. The B.O.S.S. N.I.G.G.A’Z flyer is particularly disturbing, and whoever is responsible for that one should get wet up by one of those powerful hoses that racist white Southerners used to spray blacks with. The man had a Dream and blinged-out vodka wasn’t a part of it. Nawmeen?

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  • Ricketty Ratchett

    Why block out the phone number on the boss nigga one..let peoplebark on em’s only right

  • George Jones

    MLK holding that money, disgraceful.