The Sikh Temple Shooter’s Connection to Punk Rock & Manson

Sounding off on the Wisconsin Shooter, End Apathy, and Charles Manson.

First off, condolences to the family and friends of the innocent people who were murdered by Wade M. Page,  yet another whacked-out “American.” There isn’t really room for justice here, and that’s too bad. I’m sure this weak individual wanted to die the way he did—because there’s a revolution brewing and he wanted to be the martyr that inspired the race war fantasy that consumed his mind. As an aside, Page, the gunman who opened fire on the Sikh temple in Wisconsin was in a band called End Apathy. On the band’s Myspace page they site influences like the Crumbsuckers, Slayer and Bad Religion. These are all good bands. End Apathy is garbage, though. End Apathy ain’t the Crumbsuckers, but they suck crumbs better than anyone else.

Black people invented rock ‘n’ roll and some white people have used the medium as a platform from which to launch hate bombs. For the record, fuck Skrewdriver, but I can also admit that they had a few joints (note to End Apathy: you crackas will NEVER BE Skrewdriver). For those who don’t know, Skrewdriver’s from England. They recorded music in the style of Oi! Which is basically drunken-whitemen-in-a-pub-sing-along music. White people have a right to get drunk in a pub and sing fascist songs at their local bar. Skrewdriver put all that shit to really rudimentary hardcore punk. And while their lyrics are pretty laughable to anyone with a brain, there was something to it. Gotta give it up sometimes, even to those with devilish tendencies (hey End Apathy: you’ll never be Suicidal Tendencies either, so take THAT!)

Fuck you to the whiteys who make angry, racist rock music. And don’t try and compare your shit to Public Enemy. Big difference. Public Enemy speaks from the perspective of an oppressed people. Ted Nugent ain’t oppressed. Ted is another one of these white dudes who, admittedly, is capable of making hot shit. That’s because he’s from Michigan. The MC 5 and The Stooges are from there. MOTOWN. The only hot shit Ted Nugent is making these days is the hot bullshit he spews about being a “real American.” I mean, he likes to try to live like a Native American and hunt like a Native American but one day a Buffalo is going to ram his ass.

I never understood why some skin heads pushed the “white pride” agenda. First off, Black people invent things all the time and people of all races, colors and creeds pick up on this fact. And that’s OK—imitation is the highest form of flattery, and so is innovation: white people have taken rock n’ roll to new heights and you can never take that away from them. White people have rock on lock and blacks abandoned the form like a satellite crashing to Earth. But don’t get gassed, white people: if we wanted rock back we could take that from you. Like a grown man snatching a football from a nervous toddler.

Today, the blacks are back in rock. We never left actually. Angry white men don’t like that. Angry white men just shoot innocent people on behalf of hate. To be fair, black people shoot innocent people too, but they typically shoot themselves and the people in their own communities because they have been taught to hate themselves. Blacks don’t go to schools or houses of worship or movie theaters to shoot people.

OK, OK, there was the DC Sniper. His black ass was crazy. Went through all of that shit because he wanted to kill his wife; he wanted to create mass hysteria, to take the heat off his trail when he eventually killed his wife. What a big dummy. He killed everybody, though. He just killed. He didn’t target people because they had a look that conjured up “the Middle East.”

Did you know that the first skinheads were black? I’m sure the Wisconsin Shooter didn’t know that. Now he’s dead. His band will never go platinum. Note to racist whites: I don’t care if you listen to racist heavy music. If it’s got the right riffs, I might fuck with it, too. Too bad that 97 percent of that shit sounds like David Duke’s armpit farts.

Wade Micheal Page—you’re just a poor man’s Charles Manson. Did you know that Charles Manson wanted to be a recording artist? Did you know that, if Charles Manson would have got a record deal, he probably wouldn’t have had his disciples go on that killing spree? Charles Manson’s joints are also way doper than End Apathy’s, though. And Charlie gets fan mail to this day. You’re dead, Wisconsin shooter. You’ll never get fan mail and your band sucks.

To quote the Dead Kennedys, “Nazi punk fuck off!”

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    context, weak generalizations and lazy stereotypes aside, this is some poor writing dude. take a grammar class.