Premiere: The White Mandingos “What You Waitin’ On?”

The White Mandingos relive some of history's most messed up moments in their "What you Waitin' On?" video

Do not adjust your set and sound, the world is going to hell and Murs and The White Mandigos want to know what the fuck you’re waiting on? Their latest video, “What You Waitin’ On” channels the Mandingos’ aggressive riffs into an equally inspired set of images — Murs rapping in front of graphic and sobering news reels. It’s all fucked up now, so as a member of the world, are you waiting on a hand out? An opportunity? A change? Or are you going to take action?

Directed by Horus and produced by People Suck, the video is revolutionary-minded, and the fourth off The White Mandigos’ The Ghetto’s Tryna Kill Me. Feeling inspired by the imagery? Get off your waitin’ ass and cop the album right here.

Mandingo Murs Knobs

Mandingos Murs Crowd

Mandigos Murs Bomb

Mandingos Murs Zimmerman

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  • Real talk

    Sorry I’m a 25 year old white man burn into a country/time. in Philadelphia no stranger to a mix culture. It’s 2013 grow up and stop blaming other people and that can is a message to both sides fighting!

  • Real talk

    Choose a side based on the color of your skin, really makes you look like a asshole,stupid,mislead,uninformed

  • Another Casual Guy

    Arrogant and racist? I think so. The reason why the majority of blacks in America are in horrible conditions. Is because of their sold out and corrupted black civil leaders,and their corrupted culture. BUT NO. LET’S HOLD A GRUDGE AGAINST EVERY SINGLE WHITE PERSON FOR SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO. EVEN THOUGH BLACKS SOLD OTHER BLACKS INTO SLAVERY. ALSO,THERE WERE WHITE SLAVES IN EUROPE TOO.

  • Interracial in America

    Yeah… well, that is a nice neat little oversimplified package of nonsense. The civil rights movement happened in the 60’s, and black people still had very little rights. So, it’s not as simple as “the slaves were set free hundreds of years ago, what is wrong with these black folks?”. I DO agree that people no matter their ethnicity should take responsibility of their own actions as INDIVIDUALS. I don’t think it’s fair to pigeon hole any one person on the actions of people who just so happen to have the same skin color as them. We’re so focused on melanin that we are blinding ourselves to the fact that our rights are being taken away while the powers that be continue to pit us against each other over any little difference.

  • Reactionary Paladin

    Yeah… well, that is a nice neat little subversive narrative of bullshit. The civil rights movement should have never happened, Blacks should have gone back to Africa where they belonged after slavery, in fact many whites back then and today would have been happy to pay the expences towards that so we dont get “detroits”. I DO believe that blacks dont particularly judge other (white) people as individuals and instead look towards the white monolith, a white monolith that most whites today dont even resonate anyways with (which i think they should). I dont know about you but if i see a group of blacks walking down my neighborhood at midnight i wont pretend that they are just some law abiding citizens who have just lost their way home. You know this and yet you still push the stupid narrative of “individuals”, fine you can judge the Uncle Toms that you meet in your nice little gated community without having to meet the average black who wouldent mind taking advantage of your individual judgements.
    Also race differences are not just skin color, if you actually looked into the debate of racial differences instead of listening to your political science professor you would know that Brain size, prognathism, height, body composition, DNA, etc. are all differences between the races. This is why you rarely see blacks winning the nobel prize in most academic fields and see blacks win most olympic running competitions.

  • Tyrone White The White Manding

    why is it that whenever a black person has something strong to say about government or circumstance or history that some white people get this feeling like they’re being talked about? and then they go and write stupid shit in forums like this. makes me feel like some white people–and to be exact, some white men–feel guilty about something. you’re right. you had nothing to do with slavery. i don’t know if you know this, but a rich negro by the name of jay z raps on one of his songs, “i’m still spending money from ’88”. he’s talking about 1988. but some of you caucasians are still spending money from 1858. money that was generated by slaves. what you need to do is go buy a time machine from either walmart or the home shoppers club. hop in that time machine and go back to the times when whitey was more mighty. and while you’re at it, stop watching that mandingo porn. it is strange and sick to fantasize about your woman being man-handled by a powerful black man. look to your white jesus for the answers. he can help heal you (sorry your penis is so small). LOL. look at how my black rage fills this page! i feel whole now.


  • rodt

    173 years ago is not a long time ago.