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Premiere: The White Mandingos “What You Waitin’ On?”

Premiere: The White Mandingos “What You Waitin’ On?”

Do not adjust your set and sound, the world is going to hell and Murs and The White Mandigos want to know what the fuck you’re waiting on? Their latest video, “What You Waitin’ On” channels the Mandingos’ aggressive riffs into an equally inspired set of images — Murs rapping in front of graphic and sobering news reels. It’s all fucked up now, so as a member of the world, are you waiting on a hand out? An opportunity? A change? Or are you going to take action?

Directed by Horus and produced by People Suck, the video is revolutionary-minded, and the fourth off The White Mandigos’ The Ghetto’s Tryna Kill Me. Feeling inspired by the imagery? Get off your waitin’ ass and cop the album right here.

Mandingo Murs Knobs
Mandingos Murs Crowd

Mandigos Murs Bomb

Mandingos Murs Zimmerman

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