The White Mandingos “Black Girl Toof”

The White Mandingos release the b-side to their "Mandingo Rally" vinyl pressing. "Black Girl Toof" discusses love and confusion as seen through the eyes of a black male.


I’m so serious about this release and I’ll tell you why. As it turns out, my new favorite “white” black militant band’s most recent vinyl pressing “Mandingo Rally” has a really, really soft B-side. Not soft in a “Yo son, you mad soft” way. I mean soft in an easy-listening kind of way. Not that 80’s ballads or smooth Jazz radio station sh*t either.

If you know anything about Hip-Hop, Rock or vinyl in general you’ll know that the term B-sides usually, though not all the time, translates into “overlooked gem” (as in rare grooves and B-Sides). So check it. “Black Girl Toof” is the name of this R&B shea-butter-cream of a track and man does it lather on well. And without getting too homoerotic for the bros or too *hubba hubba* for the “Mandinguettes” reading this, I’d like to just go on the record and say that the sweeter side of The White Mandingos is greatly appreciated. It’s also very historically accurate, articulate and introspective. Love’s confusing. Having your dad smoke crack is confusing. Being black in America is confusing. And sometimes combinations of all three really f-ing suck. Fortunately for us, The White Mandingos don’t. Enjoy the tune comrades!

Dear Black Baby Jesus please bless the White Mandingos.


Rat Lord

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