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The VS Presents: ’90s VS Naughts Yacht Party

The VS Presents: ’90s VS Naughts Yacht Party

Plenty has changed since the ’90s, but there are still very few things that can make you feel luxurious like a chillin’ on a yacht with your crew—word to Robin Leach. Luckily, those of you that haven’t had an opportunity to enjoy the luxury can do so at The VS’ second annual ’90s VS Naughts Yacht Party.

Those of you that climbed aboard last year know what time it is and shouldn’t have to think twice about joining us again. For those of you that didn’t, be prepared to witness some of the city’s hottest DJs to get busy sound clash style, as they spin hits from different eras, artists, and genres of music until one reigns supreme.

This year’s ’90s VS Naughts Yacht Party takes place on Saturday August 1 at Pier 40, located at 353 West Street in Manhattan. Head to to purchase tickets for the event, and be on the lookout tomorrow for information on how you can win a pair of tickets to event. Check out the official flyer below for the full lineup.