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The Village People’s Victor Willis Is The Man

The Village People’s Victor Willis Is The Man

Victor Willis Village People Cop

Size was a non-factor in the case of Victor Willis of the Village People versus the publishing companies, Scorpio Music and Can’t Stop Productions. The New York Times reports on his success regaining partial ownership of recordings like “YMCA,” “Go West,” and “In the Navy.” In 2013, Willis can exercise “termination rights,” which allows him to retain ownership of the recordings and re-administer them after reaching the 35-year mark. You’ve heard the story before of artists getting ripped off back in the day, at least there’s still some hope of resolution. Let this be a sign to new talent.

Willis’ production credits, co-writing songs like “YMCA” have gone on to earn millions of dollars in royalties because they were licensed for movies, and TV commercials, unfortunately seeing little to nothing in profits. His accomplishment is another milestone for the people overcoming “the man.” In this situation, Victor Willis is the man. Don’t let his portrayal of an ambiguously gay cop get it twisted either. Back in the day, he was also married to Phylicia Rashad, better known as Clair Huxtable from The Cosby Show. Applaud him.

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